Men´s Regency Fall Front Breeches around 1800 Part 2 – Step (4) – (9)

Part 1 – Step (1) – (3)

(4) Preparing the vent

Sorry, there are no pictures of the facing, but you can see it in the following.

(5) The side seam:

Just catch the back pocket when sewing!

(6) The knee band:

Take care of a regular knee band width.

Notch the seam allowances.
Line up the lining with the knee band, right sides together.
Sew with the “point à rabattre sous la main” along the bottom edge.
Fell stitch along the stitching line.

(7) The welt pocket:

Preparing the welt.
Welt and back pocket sewn to the right waistband.
The pocket slashed open and the pocket bags pulled to the wrong side. They don´t line up exactly, so just baste together and mark the stitching line.
Prick stitching the welt to the waistband along the short edges.

(8) Sew the waistband to the breeches:

Don´t catch the pocket flap when sewing the waistband, just the top edge of the back pocket.
Bar tack the underfall to the waistband from point 2 until reaching the seam (pin).
Turn in the seam allowances of the waistban.

(9) The breeches are ready prepared to sew the crotch seam.

Please ignore the waistband lining.
Skip the button hole when sewing.
Trim back and notch the seam allowance before pressing open the crotch seam and turning in the top edge of the fall again.

Part 3 – Step (10) – (14)