Monthly Archives: November 2016

19th century mitts

Next summer some friends of mine are going to organize an early 19th century costume ball.  Of course a lady needs a pair of gloves to wear with her ball gown. But I don’t like gloves at all, so I decided to make mitts out of modern tights. I´ll show you my first attempt to sew a pair of mitts out of a cheap pair of tights.

First I thought a small size will be perfect to fit my arm, but it seemed to be a little bit too bulky at the wrist, so I had to make them tighter and ad a seam at the hand edge. I sewed all seams with a normal sewing thread and a normal sewing needle by hand.

All seams are sewn quite loose respecting the elasticity of the material. To give more stability to the seams they are sewn twice.

On the whole it worked better than I thought. Next time I´ll try it with tights with a looser pattern.