Monthly Archives: March 2019

How to attach soutache with the sewing machine

When I first planned my redingote it seemed there was no time left to do all that soutache embroidery I wanted to do. Sadly the event I made the redingote for was canceled, but fortunately now I had enough time. As I am a little bit lazy I was searching for a method to attach about 70 meters of soutache braid neatly to the skirt.

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A Muff Tutorial (Georgian, Regency, Victorian….)

I muff is an accessory which you never should omit wearing an historical fall/winter costume. The advantages are obvious. You´ll never get cold hands and you can hide all that things a modern women needs, like your car keys and of course your cell phone! With a cord or a loop attached to secure the muff around your neck or wrist you get your hands free.

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