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How to sew a ribbon corset Part 3

Cut out lining for busk, side part and lacing of coutil fabric with seam allowance, sew to ribbon parts, fold seam allowance to coutil parts and topstitch. It is important not to cut back seam allowance, later on with sewing the tunnels the ribbons will be stabilised.

Fold upper and lower seam allowance of side and lacing parts to the inside and press.

Now cut again parts from coutil which will be faced with your Satin ribbon. Therefore cut side parts without seam allowance at all, lacing part without seam allowance on upper and lower edge, also at the edge for the ribbon part. At the busk part leave seam allowance just at the edge for the ribbon part.

My satin ribbon has a width of 7cm therefore I can cover my side part in one piece. If your ribbon is narrower sew two parts together. Pin exactly to the side part of the corset and topstitch. Leave one edge open (red arrow). Sew tunnels. I made 5 tunnels but only 3 bones will be inserted.

How to sew a ribbon corset Part 2

This is how your pattern looks like now, it is important to mark the parts exactly.

My ribbon has a width of 7 centimeter’s, therefore I mark at the front and back part the position of the ribbons accordingly. Also mark the width of your busk, the position of the lacing and the tunnels for your boning at the side panel.

Now trace the single parts for the ribbons, number them exactly and ad 3 centimeter´s allowance at the ribbon parts. At the other parts only ad 1.5 centimeter´s.

Cut the ribbons, I prefer to use the rotary cutter.

Mark the seam line, then pin the single parts together and baste. (The trick marker from Prym disappears by itself after a few days.)

How to sew a ribbon corset Part 1

Cycling with a corset, impossible? With one of my half bust corsets I couldn´t imagine. But with a underbust corset? Let´s try it!EspeciallyI love that gorgeous ribbon corsets. You´ll find a lots of examples in the internet, also in Norah Waugh´s “Corset and Crinolines” there is a pattern for a ribbon waist cincher.

Constructing the pattern:

First I put on a good fitting corset, above an old T-Shirt. Then my husband wrapped me up firmly with duct tape. Mark the centre front and back exactly, also mark your desired gap at the back, the length and width of the busk, and the location of the iliac crest. On Originals the location of the side panels is not exactly at the sides, but a little bit more in the front.

Now cut carefully along the centre front and back. Place the halves on a plain area and adjust your markings as needed.

Mark your pattern pieces and transfer them to a sheet of paper.