Men´s Regency Fall Front Breeches around 1800 Part 3 – Step (10) – (14)

Part 2 – Step (4) – (9)

(10) The gusset and waitband lining:

Trim back the seam allowances, they are to wide here on this picture.
Cover the raw seam allowances with the waistband lining.
The front area of the waistband, don´t sew the pocket, just catch the back of the pocket when felling down the lining. Sew with the “point à rabattre sous la main” along the front and top edge.
Sew the eyelets right beside the gusset.

(11) The fall front lining:

Sew the fall front lining along the center front leaving open the button hole.
Line up with the fall.
Fell stitch in place along the sides, sew with the “point à rabattre sous la main” along the top edge.
The button-hole at the center of the fall.
Finishing details, the prick stitched and bar tacked bottom edge.

(12) Sew all button-holes and buttons:


(14) The crotch lining: