How to sew harem pants

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1. Cut out all pieces, leg: cut 2, cuff: cut 2, waistband: cut 1 on fold of fabric.
¼” (0,6cm) seam allowance is matched to be sewn with an Overlock machine.

2. Close cuffs and waistband right sides together with a straight stitch, here 3/8” (1cm) seam allowance is considered (all other seams are considered to be sewn with an Overlock machine or an Overlock stitch). Fold in half, left sides together, iron.

3. Close legs with an Overlock stitch, fold one leg to right side and insert into the other. Close crotch seam.

4.Sew cuffs to legs, stretch cuffs when sewing.
Sewing cuffs to legs will be a little bit tricky especially when sewing small sizes. You can baste the cuffs first or sew with a straight stitch first, then finish with an Overlock seam.

Here you can download the free pattern!