Men´s Regency Fall Front Breeches around 1800 Part 1 – Step (1) – (3)

No chance to relax, to complete the men’s wardrobe we need breeches!

Again, this blog post is just an addition to complete the instructions for my sewing pattern with more pictures.

(1) Let´s start with cutting the fabric! Don´t be afraid of the weird looking pattern with no inseam and the legs pointing outward. If wanted add the inseam, the line is marked on the pattern, but don´t try to straighten the legs, they give the width needed for a comfortable fit. Compared to Georgian breeches, the volume at the buttocks is significantly reduced, but still more than most of us are used to from modern pants. The pattern is based on an extant sewing pattern from 1796.

Punching holes on the pattern for accurate markings on the fabric.
thread tracing for accurate markings
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Men´s Regency Fall Front Breeches around 1800 Part 3 – Step (10) – (14)

Part 2 – Step (4) – (9)

(10) The gusset and waitband lining:

Trim back the seam allowances, they are to wide here on this picture.
Cover the raw seam allowances with the waistband lining.
The front area of the waistband, don´t sew the pocket, just catch the back of the pocket when felling down the lining. Sew with the “point à rabattre sous la main” along the front and top edge.
Sew the eyelets right beside the gusset.
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Men´s Regency Fall Front Breeches around 1800 – The machine sewing guide

My latest pattern #0222, the fall front breeches around 1800, are hand-sewn in the instructions. Sometimes it has to be quick and easy, so I want to show you how you can easily sew the breeches mostly with the sewing machine.

So let’s start with our machine sewing project and basically stick to the original instructions.

Mark all the stitching lines on the front trousers (vent), fall front placket and on the underfall. Line up with the belonging stitching lines, right sides together and sew, stopping exactly at the mark.

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Hi, I´m Laura, the new member of the Blacksnailpatterns team!

My passion for historical fashion was awakened in 2005. After seeing P&P 2005 in the cinema, I was recommended to see the BBC 1995 version. And then it happened. I liked the clothes straight away.
That’s how it started. In 2007 I bought my first piece, a pelisse, based on a model from 1800, with the money I earned as an apprentice. But that was just the beginning, many dresses followed. I dared to sew my needle for the first time in 2014. Since then I have sewn a lot of fashion for the Empire and also for other epochs that appeal to me.
Since then my motto has been: practice makes perfect. Anyone can sew.
In 2019 I got to know Roti. Since December 2021 I have been working at Blacksnailpatterns and supporting Roti.
My activities include processing international orders, answering customer inquiries, support and I take care of the social media area.

I live in Austria with my husband and my two childrens.

Enjoy sewing!

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