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  1. Aileen Westoby

    Hi I am making the pattern +0115 and confused by cutting out of pattern instructions. It says to lay the pattern on the fold – but I am not sure if I cut the fabric down the fold or leave the fold so that the piece I end up with is double the width. Do I make one large piece of #1 (not cutting down the fold) and one big piece of #4 so that the cut piece will be double the size of the pattern.
    I have a mobile 07979697039 fi you wish to speak to me.
    Many thanks
    Aileen Westoby

  2. Elisabeth

    I am currently working on your 1890s fan skirt pattern, but I am not using lining, so I am unsure about how to put the interfacing on.
    Any help would be appreciated. 🙂

    1. Rotraut Beitragsautor

      sewing the skirt without the lining would mean to omit the hem interfacing as well, as there´s no possibility to sew it to the fabric invisible. The dark brown skirt on the title picture is made without any lining and interfacing, just a sturdy fabric.
      Hope this helps!


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