1830-40´s Corset


For lacing up easily, I decided to use metal grommets for my corset. The metal grommet was patented in 1823 by Thomas Rogers.
Whether you decided to make hand-sewn eyelets or metal grommets now it is time to choose the way you lace up your corset. I wanted to try the self-lacing version from the link shown before.


First, insert narrow but, firm tapes through all grommets. Cut the tapes some centimeters longer than necessary. Don´t twist the tapes.




Take all tapes from one side and attach them to a wider twill tape (length about 15cm). 


Fold the corset along the center front and line up all edges. Pin the wide twill tape to the waistline and tighten the narrow tapes. 


Measure the length of each narrow tape and transfer the measurement to the other side, cut.


This is how it should look like after that


Attach the ends of the narrow tape to a second piece of the wider tape.  Attach another smaller twill tape at the oposite end of the wide tape.


Line up the wide tape with a second piece, wrong sides together, stitch along the short edge a little bit slanted, turn inside out. Join the two layers of the tape along all other edges by hand.



Insert the blanket at the front – Done!


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